Anti-biotic Creams be Damned! Honey Wound Care!

In another life, I sold medical disposables to long term care facilities.  Without doing into a diatribe outlining my dissatisfaction with my employers, I learned very quickly that the driving force behind their product offerings was maximum product penetration into the homes we serviced or were looking to service.  The truth is, I didn’t care all that much about glucose meters or the rubber gloves we were peddling.  One item however, caught the attention of the nursing staff very quickly and that was a bandage made by a company called Medihoney.

Medihoney is a bandage that uses honey within it’s netting structure to accelerate wound closure and healing times.  On average, Stage 3 bed sore wounds can take up to 33 days to completely heal.  This translates to a great deal of money to the facility in terms of nurse labor and bandage replacement.  The honey bandage would cut wound time down to 17 days and actually absorbed the debridemnet cast off by the wound and only required one changing (compared with the daily changing of a conventional bandage).


Whatever – the bandage worked like a charm and the nursing staff loved it.  Only problem was it cost about 5 times as much as conventional bandages.  This sucks for the folks who have to pay to reside in long term care.  You however, don’t have to pay for the same qualiy.

Medihoney just monitized the super cheap remidy of using honey on cuts and abrasions.  The next time you cut yourself, simply clean the wound and apply raw honey (not a store bought product, get it from a legitimate bee keeper) and dress with a conventional bandage.  Store bought honey is typically cut with high fructose corn syrup and pasteurized.  You want all the enzymes and naturally occuring antibodies in the honey to work with your body chemistry.  You can also use propolis with deeper wounds.  Propolis is a natural resin the bees use to keep invaders (bugs) from accessing the hive.  Propolis has antibiotic properties just like honey and will dramatically reduce healing time.

A video for your viewing pleasure.
Note: Not for the squeemish – video documents a wound being healed with honey

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