Are Magic Mushrooms the Answer to Colony Collapse Disorder?

Paul Stamets pontificating on how mushrooms can help the bees

Recently, I was listening to the Joe Rogan podcast and he had on a Ph.D. by the name of Paul Stamets.  Paul has dedicated his life to understanding the potential and the benefits available to mankind in mushrooms.  Initially, this was not an area of tremendous interest to me.  That is until he mentioned a problem all of my beekeeping brethren share. That problem is of course, Colony Collapse Disorder and the Varroa Destructor mite.

Is Fungus the Answer?

I will spare you my long-winded interpretation of Paul’s ideas and insights. In short, he believes that a particular fungus may hold the key to naturally stopping mites dead in their tracks.  My role is one of informer and marketer of great honey. Still, I wouldn’t be anywhere without the labors of great beekeepers.  Please take a look at Paul’s research update here to get acquainted with his work.

Also, check out the video below that introduces the overall problems and Paul’s ideas as to how they might be solved.

Personally, this seems to be a great idea that holds some real promise.  It stands to reason that there must be some research scientist or Ph.D. candidate who would have no trouble finding funding to test the validity of this theory…


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