Bees Go Urban

Urban beekeeping in Bermondsey

Urban beekeeping in Bermondsey

They are popping up all over!  Beehives in the inner city are becoming a regular fixture to metropolitan skylines!  Urban beekeeping is turning city dwellers into harvesters and hipsters into stewards of the land.  Why?  The reasons are varied.  For some, keeping bees allows them to take advantage of the blight in their towns.  When an area is severely economically depressed, residents and businesses move out, and foliage can become overgrown.  While at first glance, this might appear to be an eyesore.  However, to a small beekeeper, it is a golden opportunity!  This means an abundance of vacant land with pollen-producing plants growing.  These plants have not been sprayed with fungicides or pesticides so the bee populations tend to live longer and have a higher output of honey.

The Guidelines

New York City beekeeper

Beekeeper in New York City

Could this be an endeavor you want to explore?  Well, there are a few things to consider first.

  1. Learn the laws in your area governing beekeeping in the city.  Make sure there are no local government ordinances that make it illegal.
  2. Do your research!  Learn how to keep bees properly so you can sustain your populations and raise quality honey.
  3. Do you have enough space?  Don’t get 10 hives when you only have enough room for 3 on your site.
  4. Get your equipment – smokers, hives, hive tool, bee suit, mite treatment.
  5. Let your neighbors know what you are doing.  Not everyone likes bees.  Just alert them to the location of your hives.



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