Big Pharma Doesn’t Care About Your Flu

I’m big on cheap – pardon me, ‘inexpensive’.  You never hear either of those words when it comes to health care (unless it’s in advertising).  There are some things that require major surgery but more often every day folk are dealing with ‘common’ ailments, like cold and/or flu.  When was the last time you stopped into CVS or Walgreens?  They have an entire aisle dedicated to nothing but cold/flu remedies.  Spoiler Alert: they are all synthetic and pricey.  Are you rolling in dough and want to treat your immune system like a petri dish?  If so, knock yourself out.

However, if you can recognize the fact that your body is pretty amazing all by itself and can take care itself WITHOUT filling it up with chemicals that you can’t pronounce, then try something natural.  I will bet you ten to one that the remedy I am about to impart to you will whipe out your illness in just two days.  Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, it’s dirt cheap. Check it out:

Honey, Lemon & Ginger cold remedy:
I am willing to bet that you’re smart enough to figure out all the ingredients you need without me having to list them (again). Start with 2 lemons, fresh ginger and honey (Oh good God, I told you anyway).

1) Slice up about 1/2 cup of fresh ginger
2) Slice the lemon and then halv the slices
3) Fill 3/4 of a mason jar with these two items and evenly distribute
4) Fill 1/3 of the jar with local, liquified (but unpastuerized) raw honey
5) Add 1/3 cup water
6) Cap the mason jar
7) Let the mixture marinade over night
8) Consume as a drink
9) Feel better

All told, your out of pocket cost for one mason jar of this is about $4.00. Compare that to some of the bigger major brand cold remedies which retail for between $10 to $15.  Oh, here is another little added bene – no side effects with this concoction.

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