Popovers, The Breakfast of Champions (completely untrue… but it tastes awesome. So shut up, health-nut loser)

A New Option for Breakfast – Popovers

popover recipe

Popovers – Breakfast of champions – I have been told that my blog is obnoxious and I should take this seriously.
“Seriously”? I value what I do but let’s be honest folks, I ain’t runnin’ a hedge fund. Check out these mad, PHAT popovers that – get ready – one of my customers made with peach amaretto honey supplied by the best-looking baldy this side of Bozo The Clown you ever did see – ME!

Simple Preparation

Popovers, for those of you who don’t know, are like muffins but made out of butter and egg, no batter. That’s right, egg – so they have to be healthy. Once made, I advocate tearing them halfway open and filling them with strawberries and blueberries and drizzling with honey (my peach amaretto honey kills on this idea, just sayin’).

The preparation is extremely simple.  Four to five eggs cracked into a bowl and beaten.  Melt your butter next in a separate bowl. Now, I have heard of two different ways to prepare these.  One option is to put the butter in as the bottom layer.  The other option is to invert the ingredients – egg first then butter.  My suggestion is to mix the cinnamon in both ingredients separately.  Just split the quantity and then add.  Whatever you do, leave the light on in the over.  Check in on their progress intermittently.  If you take them out too early, they will not have any firmness and will sag.  If you wait too long, they will get hard and will burn.  Thirty minutes is usually the best timeframe.

My customer appears to have used either just butter or cheese on the finished product – either of which will work. I just recommend a natural fruit filling because I REALLY worry about your blood pressure – (also untrue). Here is a simple popover recipe:

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