Flint Market and the Winter Pop-Up

Wanted to give everyone a quick update to let you know where you can find us during the Winter.  Tuesdays and Thursdays we have set up shop in the Flint Farmer’s Market.  You can find us in between Peppermint Jim and Cinnamom.   Never been to the this Market?  It is pretty great – big indoor market in the heart of Downtown Flint – hosting local growers from around the region. This month,  I am featuring our Lemon Ginger honey (two years to prepare each batch)!  This particular market is one of the few indoor farmer’s markets in the state.  You would think there would be more but that is a topic for another blog post.

On Wednesdays, I am hoofing it all the way out to Marshall (between Jackson and Kalamazoo) to the Marshall Winter Farmer’s Market – located in Oaklawn Hospital.  You can find out about that market here.  The hospital markets are great because they give patients and their visitors to seek out quality food and gifts for their loved ones while they are recuperating.  If you don’t mind a suggestion, consider picking up an item from the market for the nurses who are taking care of the patients you are visiting.  The nursing staff work super hard and appreciate your acknowledgements.

If there is anyone from the UAW out there, I would love to do a pop-up market at your plant once a week.  Our Fridays are available.  So if you are in charge of an employee wellness group and are looking to do something for employee morale – a small two hour market is a great idea!  Just think about it. Everyone needs to eat, especially your employees.  So why not give them a way to shop on site and support some local businesses in the process.  It’s a win-win!

I’m inside, you should be too!

Jay 'The Honey Guy' Jermo at Flint Farmer's Market

Everyone’s favorite Honey Guy at the Flint Farmer’s Market

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