Hey – Your Face Looks Like Dried Fruit – try some Royal Jelly

Guys (and Girlies) – I wanted to include an image of some 120 year old woman living in the Himalayian backcountry, with a withered and twisted up face but Getty Images owns all of them and I have heard through the grapevine that they just LOVE to sue the little guy for using their pictures.  So for now, just try to imaging the picture and laugh at the premise.

Never mind I have a better Idea:

Royal Jelly everybody!!!

Yup – It’s a bee product – (big surprise).
Never heard of it? Allow me to educate you.
Have heard of it? Shut up and listen anyway.

In short, worker bees produce this compound and feed it directly to their queen larve.  Royal Jelly is loaded with vitamin A, E, C and B vitamins, however not to high in vitamin B12. It also has a whole host of fatty acids, gelatin, hormones, fatty acids (I said that twice ’cause there’s ALOT of ’em in there!), enzymes sterols, DNA & RNA, gelatin and immune proteins that protect bees against infection. Oh, by the way, did I mention, that it is widely accepted within the emtomology community that Royal Jelly is the primary reason why queen bees live for 7 years on average and workers live for about 7 months.

“But Jay, what about my face?  How do I leverage this stuff to stay 2-piece bathing suit hot into my 70s?”
Take it easy there, Lady Godiva.

First, there is very sparce documented medical proof on the benefits of Royal Jelly and life extension or improvements in skin elasticity.  That being said, Royal Jelly has a HUGE following of true believers both within and outside of the herbal suppliment community.  Here is a list of widely proposed things it helps you with:

– anti-inflamitory properties
– anti-cancer agent
– actively lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
– improves infertility
– eases the symptoms of menopause
– osteoperosis prevention

I can tell you that it appears to have anti-inflammatory properties. This may offer some protection against skin damage especially if sun exposure is something that concerns you. Also, phytoestrogensare are estrogen-like elements similar to the phytoestrogens (these turn up in soy for example).There is some research out there that report that topical extracts (using soy as a component)  reduce the wrinkles and improve skin tension.

Guess what else?!?!?! Skin Conditioning!!!!!!
Royal Jelly does behave like a humectant to draw water to the surface of the skin and from the environment.
So what?!?! That’s how it keeps that dried cranberry you call your face, moist and conditioned!!!!
So role the dice sister and add it to your skin regamin.  Tell me your results.  You know I’ll be listening……

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