New Offering for 2016 – Part 1

As you know, I look for unique floral varieties constantly to blow your mind.  We found Tai Shan Farms on the Big Island of Hawaii and are proud to bring you the flavor of the Hawaiian Islands for the 2016 season.  We have 3 pure mono and bi-floral honeys (as well as 3 melanges that we will tell you about in a later post), Dragon Fruit Reserve, Dragon Fruit/Lehua Blossom, and Dragon Fruit/Coffee Blossom.

But don’t listen to me.  Here is a short description of what you’re in for:

From a Dragon Fruit farm with 1200 trees in the ground. Bees were added several years ago to help pollinate the dragon fruit plants. Because the main business on the Hawaiian farm is the dragon fruit, the honey pulling is done differently than most commercial bee farms. Honey harvest is done after after each blooming.  That way the honey is consistently distinct and the flavors identifiable. This honey tasting is similar to a wine tasting……3 tiny tastes and we go lite to dark…the difference is you can drive home after’ !!

The Reserve honey is a single blossom honey which is pulled once or twice a year when the DF is mass blooming. Think of it as the ‘ chardonnay’ of the tasting…very buttery, very creamy with a lite delicate flavor.

The Lehua/DF is  a two blossom honey ‘the dessert wine of our tasting’….sweet and lite on your tongue…this one has a higher sugar content because on the Lehua blossom.

And the coffee gardenia blossom and DF honey is like a full bodied red… and  more complex……. finishing with a back note of caramel or molasses ‘[depends on your buds].

​Check them out at the following markets in the Detroit area through October:

Allen Park
Eastern Market – Detroit

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