Oooooohhhhh The Choices…

Honey Choices

Look, variety is where it’s at.  We grow our own honey but we also offer single pollen (monofloral) honey from around the world.  Why?  Because they all taste different.  You need honey choices. I still get lots of people who ONLY want local product.  There is nothing wrong with that but just know that you may be limiting yourself from experiencing a HUGE range of flavors!  We encounter people all the time who tell us “they only want honey from within 5 miles of their house” but they don’t know why OR have been misinformed as to the particulars of what ‘local’ honey truly is.

There are a number of different pollen blooms around the country but they all expend over 5 miles.  We are in Michigan and our bloom covers 5 states.  That means that if you are eating honey to combat your allergies and you live in central Michigan, you CAN eat honey from 100 miles away and it will still help with your allergy symptoms.  You just want to make sure it is a WILD honey (meaning, it was grown in the wild and the bees picked up a wide range of different pollen types).  That way, your immune system will get exposure to all the pollen that is naturally occurring.

Not Just For Allergies

If you are not eating honey for your allergies, the sky is the limit – you’re eating for taste.  And if that is the case, why limit yourself.  You may try a Basswood honey from Minnesota and fall madly in love with it (but you’re Alabama).  Does that mean you can’t enjoy it?  Of course not.  My point here is to taste the rainbow.  Experience honey (and food in general) from all over.  That is how you grow and develop.

Our friends at The Honey Hut have a similar business model to our own.  Along with their own U.S. produced honey, they also offer a line from Mexico.  Here in Michigan, clover and wildflower are prevalent, but we don’t have access to flowers like Arizpe, Mesquite, or Sinoquipe.  The point is that when someone is used to a particular product, food or experience, their desire to try new things may atrophy.  Sometimes you are in the mood for buttery, or spicey, or sharp, or fruity.  If you are like most people, you have moods, and your moods are subject to change.  And when those moods change – mix it up a little.  That is all.

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