Raw Honey



Raw Honey

For those of you who want it straight from the hive!  Always unpasteurized, interspersed with bees wax and loaded with Michigan multi-floral pollen, our raw honey may be liquefied (if you order in the Summer) or fully crystallized (if you order at any other time of the year).  This is a favorite of anyone trying to acclimate their immune system to the pollen in the Midwest pollen bloom. The standard regiment for effectiveness is 2 teaspoons a day – 1 in the morning and 1 just before bed.  Your pollen allergy should subside within 10 days.  Just make sure to eat it consistently!

Available sizes 12 oz, 22 oz

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Raw Honey

Clover and wild flower raw honey may come crystallized and with some bees wax.  NEVER pasteurized, ALWAYS pure.

Available sizes 12 oz, 22 oz

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12 oz, 22 oz


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