Vandals Destroy Beehive in Iowa

Beehive Vandals Strike In Iowa

A very sad post today.  Below, find a link and video to a story about an Iowa beekeeper whose hives were vandalized and destroyed.  A few days ago, two suspected teenage vandals destroyed Justin & Tori Englehardt’s 50 hives. These hives housed roughly 500,000 bees.  The vandals broke into their equipment shed and ransacked their equipment as well.

As a result of the freezing temperatures of Winter, the bees had no chance once their shelter was exposed to the elements. Two teenage boys are suspected.  An investigation is pending.  Furthermore, the expense suffered by the owners could prove crippling.  Consequently, the hive owners will need to spend part of their prep season installing some kind of security or fencing to keep out would-be intruders.  While this is not an immediate cost concern, beekeepers tend to adhere to an annual budget.  This will certainly impact that as well as honey production.

The beekeepers, Wild Hill Honey, have launched an In a GoFundMe campaign to recoup the loss.  At the time of this writing, we have raised $30,693.  Due to this generosity, Wild Tree Honey should be able to recoup the cost of hives and bee replacement.

vadalized beehive boxes from the Engelhardt apiary.

Two teenagers are suspected of vandalizing a couple’s block of 50 hives


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